Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Slippers!

I've just finished this design. The slippers are my Super Slippers, felted and very warm and I've added the cuffs. My suggestion is leftover sock yarn for the cuffs so the completed slippers continue to be washable. The first pairs were of course for my grandsons- they approved!


Patti J said...

I love felted slippers too!!

You know, I never think to read comments very often and only just saw your comment on that zigzag scarf I's called Zigzag Modular Scarf by

Also, a thought...I have mentioned Ravelry before, the online knitting community. People sell their patterns on there all the time as a pdf download...if you end up on Ravelry, I am pknitj...
Hugs and Happy knitting...

Knittinannie said...

Love the have "5grandchildren & NEED that pattern!

So put it in a PDF file for me &
let me know the price!

luv ya & miss seeing you around

margaret(AKA Annie)