Monday, July 25, 2011

A One Row Shawl

In an effort to plan some vacation knitting- by my definition knitting that doesn't require complicated stitching, pattern reading, or really small needles, plus I wanted a strong, servicable garment. After 6 or 7 attempts, I came up with this:

My One Row Shawl

I had this yarn, 2 balls of Melody and 2 of Mohair Royal

The Melody I used is color MS39, and the mohair color 12553.

I held one strand of the sock yarn together with 1 strand of the mohair on a size 7 needle.

I used the EZimmerman garter stitch edge, WYIF slip 1 as if to purl throughout. The finished garment 'cups' slightly and stays on my shoulders nicely.

One-Row Shawl Directions

Cast on 7 stitches

Knit 4 YO, K to last 2 stitches, YO, K2

keep repeating this row back and forth until your shawl is the size you are looking for. I added a 4 stitch I-Cord bind-off for a soft edge at the neck.
I'm gonna do this again with some handspun that I have- gotta love a simple knit! At least I do. :)


FunkyC said...

I love a simple pattern that lets the yarn shine!

Patti J said...

Ohhhh, I have to try this one!!

godus said...

thank you for this extra simple pattern, I hope I can finish my Kid mohair

Teapot820 said...

Where does WYIF come into the pattern?

MoBea said...

On the first stitch of each row, WYIF slip one, take yarn to the back and proceed! :)

Teapot820 said...

Thanks MoBea! I'm ADD, all I saw were the words "one row directions". I've been knitting simple since 1965 before the internet. I had no idea what "EZimmerman" edge was. You meant E. Zimmerman! Your instructions are written in more of a casual conversation style, not in a 1., 2., 3., style for ADD people like me! I also missed the i-cord bind off neck edge stuff not in the "one row instructions"! Some day if your interested I'll tell you about the time I was making brownies from a mix when I was 12 and yelled, "Mom, what does mix by hand mean?" My shawl turned out just fine despite my ADD!